Organic Table Olives

Organic Table Olives

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Mixed Organic Olives

A popular product organically grown and produced by Regans Ridge is the 1 kg jars of Mixed Organic Olives.

This product aims to please everyone consisting of a mix of the very popular varieties of Black Kalamata, Green Spanish Queen, Green Manzanillo, Jumbo Green Kalamata and Black Leccino Olives.

These varieties are all harvested at different optimal times during the harvest season, naturally fermented using a traditional Sicilian brine curing method in separate barrels, washed, sorted individually, packed and marinated into 1 kg jars.

A long and labour intensive process to produce a Mix of Premium Organic Olives for your enjoyment.

Styles Available
Organic Plain, Organic Mild Chilli & Garlic, and Organic Basil & garlic.

Products Available
All three styles - Plain, Mild Chilli and Garlic, and Basil and garlic, are available in a 375g jar - $7 and a 1kg jar -$13.

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